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Veterinary Diagnostics

This product group includes immunoassays for the determination of various analytes from different animal species like rat and mouse (murine), dogs (canine), cat (feline), cattle (bovine), horse (equine) and others.

These products are intended for research investigations in veterinary medicine.


1. Testosterone rat/mouse ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9911)

2. Corticosterone rat/mouse ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9922)

3. Estrone-3-sulfate equine ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9933)

4. Prolactin canine ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9944)

5. TSH canine ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9955)

6. Prolactin rat ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9966)

7. TSH rat ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9977)

8. Progesterone rat/mouse ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9988)

9. Estradiol rat ELISA (cat.-no.: DEV9999)

You can download our veterinary product brochure here!

For more details see species specific chapter or contact us directly using info(at)