Human Amyloid beta Oligomers (82E1-specific) ELISA


Enzyme immunoassay for the determination of human Aß molecules which bind to anti-human Aß (N) (82E1) mouse MoAb with two or more epitopes (oligomers, polymers with a protein etc.) in serum, EDTA-plasma and brain tissue extract.

Incubation Time / Conditions1 h, 1 h (4°C), 30 min (RT)
Standard Range18.98 - 1,215 pmol/l
Sensitivity analytical4.41 pmol/l
Final Sample Volume100 µl
Sample Typeserum, plasma (EDTA), brain tissue extract
Sample Pretreatment -
Isotope / SubstrateTMB 450 nm
Internal Controls
Max. Shelf Life (months)min. 6
Regulatory StatusRUO