New Cortisol ELISA available!

Starting from November 21st, 2016 the new version of the Cortisol ELISA (DEH3388) is available!


Your main benefits are:

  • 2 internal controls are now included in the kit
  • Stop Solution now consists of HCI (formerly: H2SO4)
  • only 10 µl sample volume are needed
  • 6 calibrators are included in the assay (formerly: 7 calibrators)
  • wider standard range: 10 – 800 ng/ml (formerly: 20 – 800 ng/ml)
  • revised expected normal values (in the morning and at midnight)

If you need further information please contact us directly by sending an email to: info(at) or via phone dialing +49 (0) 431 / 71922 - 0.

Click here to view the product site of the Cortisol ELISA (DEH3388).

DEH3388 Cortisol ELISA 160907 m.pdf